Following this tutorial involves dangerous activity and it's under your responsibility do it with extreme caution and with the proper protection (safety glasses, respirator, and work gloves).
Empty spray can
Permanent fine marker
22 cm wooden stick
Glue (make sure it works with wood and steel)
Vinyl electrical tape
Tin snip
Fine sandpaper
Nail (strong enough to perforate the can)
1 - Make sure that the spray can is empty.*
2 - Pierce the can with the nail hammering gently.
3 - Make several holes on the can until you can cut it with the tin snip.
4 - Cut the can until you get a rectangular sheet of metal.
5 - On the metal sheet, draw the shape of your pen with the marker.
6 - Cut it and then put glue on the neck of your tip.
7 - Wrap the las 3 cm of the wooden stick with the glued part of the tip.
8 - Fasten the joint of the metal and the wood with the vinyl tape.
9 - Cut the pen with the final shape you want.
10 - Sand it until the edges of the metal are smooth.
Let it dry and enjoy!
* If it’s not completely empty it could be dangerous (it shouldn't make any sound when you press the valve).
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