Letters & images maker
Ambivalent, EAT.
Mexico City, Mexico

“The nuances of violence and order cohabit in one place, your mind. This is one of the great premises that this designer, illustrator, calligrapher and artist considers; Eduardo Aire Torres. Create a conceptual couple that drops the balance in both directions.
It is characterized by making representations, personal and social, that emphasize all the imperfections of reality. A parallel world that gets complicated in each look. Giving space to thoughts without filters, with the simple task of accenting and spreading in the mind of others. Fascinated by recreating the charm of the distortions and mental disturbances in his observer, he involves him in his work, exposing him to questions such as; existence, consciousness, beauty, irony and banality.
Behind each stroke is reflected an exploration and a strong learning, which not only marks the beginning of his career but the reflection of his past. Same that connects with the other side of the premise. A neat and orderly design, under concepts that interweave stories about needs to be solved. Innovative and contemporary solutions that create critical and active spectators. The visual tension he achieves in his pieces is complemented by the many traditional and experimental techniques he practices. Never the opposite directions were linked with such fluidity.”
By Pamela Landgrave.